Creative people are men and women who have realized that they have in them what is lacking around them. They have come to define the needs of their immediate environment and won’t settle until they do something about it. Creative people are trailblazers, leaving footprints in the sand of time for others to follow. Creative people are goal getters, always ready to bring something creatively new on the table. Net Access is creative, we want to go beyond saying the words into doing the words. To us, creativity is laced with actions.

We know that for every business to survive the fierce competition it faces every day, it must up its game technologically and IT wise, failure to do that spell doom for the business. Be our client at NetAccess today, nothing short of the best will be offered you.

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Jos, Plateau, Nigeria

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Innovation is Key

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Android Application Development:
  • – Introduction to android programming
  • – Java programming in android development
  • – Designing applications with XML
  • – How android works
  • – Structure of android applications
  • – Putting it together

Robotics & RaspberryPi - Basics

  • – Raspberry pi and its capabilities
  • – Introduction to scratch programming
  • – Working with Scratch in Raspberry pi
  • – Introduction to Robots
  • – Instructing the robot using Raspberry pi and Scratch

Robotics & RaspberryPi - Advanced

  • – Python and Raspbian (Linux)
  • – Applications/Programming in Python
  • – Building a robot
  • – Instructing the robot using Python
  • – The intelligent robot – working with sensors